School of Dragons cheats and free membership

If you still don’t have membership on your favorite game, then your wait is over! Use this School of Dragons Cheats to obtain a free membership for one year! With that membership you will get a ton of extra features that you can enjoy all year long without paying a single dollar for it. Want to get yours? Click the button below to get started!

School of dragons - cheats and free membership

Extra details

Now we are going to explain everything to you and how can you use this to get yourself that membership that you want for a long time so you can enjoy with your favorite dragon! Now, as you can see below, these are some of the features that you can enjoy if you have the membership:

  • 500 extra gems every month
  • no ads
  • 20% off in the store
  • your own Toothless dragon just for you

School of Dragons - cheats and generator

These features are pretty cool and all of us would love to have them, but not all of us can. We found a bug in the system that we’re using to generate 100s of free memberships all around the world just for people like you! You’re not alone, most of who play that game want those extra sweet stuff that we have to pay to have, but not anymore. Now, all of us can enjoy in the game and we can do this together! With out generator for School of Dragons cheats you can get your free membership for 1, 3, 6 or even 12 months! That’s right, you can do that right now, just follow the instructions on the page and that’s it. You can have your own account upgraded in just about 5 minutes tops. This is possible by using the special bug in the system so we can do this. You don’t have to worry, our generator will find proxy just for you and hide your IP so you don’t have to. We know that this can be a problem for you, but you don’t have to worry about it. Well, this is not all that our generator can do. What ever membership plan you choose, it will automatically generate an extra 5000 gems to your account – for free and you don’t have to even click to get them. Just choose your membership and that’s it. You will get gems as well. It’s really simple to use it.

School of dragons - cheats and free membership

To get all of that you need to go to our generator page by clicking the buttons and then entering your “players login” or username if you want it like that. Click on connect and you will need to wait a few seconds until our program connects on the server. Now, you will be prompted to enter the amount of months that you want. That’s depends on you. If you want just 3 months, then enter 3. If you want 12 months (one whole year), then simply enter 12 months. This is really up to you because it’s easy to add membership of any duration. Now you will be on the last step which is the activation of your membership with our School of Dragons cheats. This is not really hard and you will see the instructions once you get there. It will take up to few minutes to do this last step and then you’re free to go and enjoy your membership as much as you want.

That would be all from us for now. Be sure to check out our tips section to see how to improve and be a lot better than you are now. We hope that you will enjoy your free membership and your free gems in the game. We’ll see you out there, buddy!