Update and some more

Hello everyone!

We are happy because we got a lot of new feedback from you guys saying that you really liked the tool we made just for you. Please check out the stats below to get some more info:

  • 4000 people visited our site in the last 60 days
  • 3000 used our tool
  • we generated over 2500 free memberships
  • over 9 million gems has been generated
  • over 12 million gold

We are really happy to share this tool and experience with you and we want to thank you for all of your support. You should also know that we were able to update a the tool a few days ago to make it more secure and a bit faster so you don’t have to wait any longer that it should. There has been some problems on the server side of the tool in the last 5 days, but our team managed to make it work just within a few days. We also need to check how often does the game updates itself and make changes on our tool so you can enjoy those free gems forever. As for now, there is a loop hole still there and our generator is working perfectly and it will in the future and we will make sure of it! We really can’t thank you enough for everything that you gave us. There has been over 2000 social shares all over the social networks and it brought us a lot of traffic that we didn’t ask for and that is all you boys and girls. We really do hope that you will be happy with our simple tool and that you will continue to share this with your friends and that you all will still enjoy free membership and all those gems.

That would be it from us. You don’t need any more information regarding this and we really, really hope that our numbers will be much higher in the future. As long as those numbers are going up, we’re happy to serve you because every number means that we’re actually doing something good for the community and that is why we are here. Stay classy!

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